Grand Reef Online Casino Review

The Grand Reef online casino, currently standing at #1 among top-online casinos, is a themed casino boasting beautiful displays of the Great Barrier Reef. This underwater themed casino is powered by Playtech and is in the progressive jackpot pool network of Playtech casinos. This casino website is refreshingly simple, uncluttered, and straight to the point. Despite its Australian home base and theme, it does not overtly use "Aussie Kitsch Slang" such as "g'day mate" or "down under" or have koalas and kangaroos pasted everywhere. It is very tasteful. Find more casinos for Australians and New Zealanders at various other review sites..

Grand Reef Casino boasts a plentiful array of high-quality games. There are a lot of pokies games, otherwise known as slot machines, as well as full selections of the Marvel comic games. There are a variety of games with progressive jackpots that are constantly growing, including the famous Beach Life. Of course this casino also offers the traditional casino games such as blackjack, roulette, Caribbean stud, craps, and video poker. But on top of all these, the Grand Reef Casino also offers exotic table and parlor games that you may not be able to find elsewhere. So if you're the type of person looking for specific games, definitely check Grand Reef out.

In terms of payout percentage, the Grand Reed Casino average is just over 95%, meaning your money should last longer here than at some of the other local casinos or pubs. This may be because of the fact that it is an online casino, so it has less overhead cost and can allow itself a higher payout percentage. Heads up, if you want to check casino payout statistics, look up the Technical Systems Testing which is an independent company from Canada that shows the exact payout percentages for various games at casinos that use it. You know that Grand Reef Casino is trustworthy, because it allows a third party to audit it monthly to ensure that all of its games are running fairly. For another casino with great payouts visit EuroPalace Casino.

This Casino has promotions specifically for Australians and New Zealanders so it is definitely a plus to play at this casino if you are a local. They also accept Australian and New Zealand currency, which is also a plus. It also has general bonuses for all players.

Their customer support has toll free phone support, fax numbers, and email. Their preferred method payments are direct bank transfers, using the "Pay Anyone" internet banking facility.

It is important to note, in a review, some negatives as well. The Grand Reef Casino used to have an unlimited withdrawal policy, but now a monthly withdrawal limit has been placed (as has happened at all Playtech casinos. There is a $10,000 monthly withdrawal limit. It also has been brought up that the casino has been slow in its withdrawal payments. Make sure to read up on comments and just keep these in mind. Another downside is how many benefits Australians get at this casino that others do not. So if you are Australian, this casino is great for you. If you are not, you may want to try it out, but keep other casinos in mind as well.

In general though, their game selection, customer support, and overall use of TST (meaning they have a third party auditing them every month), make this casino a good choice for online gambling.